Keep that headset fresh and clean!

How can you extend the life and add comfort to your headset investment? Easy!

First, keep it clean.

sofreshsocleanYou will want to occasionally wipe down your headset, including the cable, with an alcohol-free disinfecting wet-wipe. Our headset cleaning towelettes will do the job safely and effectively. You can find them here: Headset Towelettes

Second, replace your ear cushions every now and then.

It may sound yucky, but it’s good to know that headset ear cushions absorb sweat, dirt and makeup. This can, in turn, breed bacteria if not replaced periodically.

rainingcushionsWe suggest changing your headset ear cushions every six months.

We offer both foam and leatherette replacement ear cushions for our Pro, Air and Flex series headsets on our website. You can see them here: Ear Cushions

Our professional grade headsets are a serious investment and are an invaluable component in your WAH career. Taking care of your headset will help you extend the life of your valuable investment.


Visit our headset accessories section to find everything you need to keep your headset nice and clean!



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