Product Spotlight: Air Series Headset Telephones

Air Series Headset

Oh how I LOVE the Air Series headsets! Here’s why:  I have a surprisingly large head 🙂  Seriously, I find hats uncomfortable, can’t tolerate headbands… So wearing a headset all day has been a challenge for me. That was until I tried the super lightweight Air Series!  It is, hands down, the most comfortable telephone headset I have ever tried on. At least for my sensitive head, I find it to be a perfect fit.  It weighs just 2.3oz and the headband itself expands a little bit more compared to most other headsets.  It comes with both foam and leatherette ear cushions so you can decide what’s most comfortable for you. The foam ear cushions rest comfortably on my ears and I find I don’t get a headache even if I wear the headset throughout the day.

I personally prefer the single ear model, but I don’t work in a very noisy environment so outside distractions are not an issue for me. It’s also available in a binaural design (covering both ears) if outside noise and distractions are present in your working environment.

The Air Series is one of our call center grade headsets designed to withstand heavy call volume and lots of use. It features the quick disconnect cord allowing you to easily unplug the headset from the dial pad or to add the optional USB cord if you need to plug into your computer. It has a matte black rubberized finish and, like I said, is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Can you tell it’s my favorite?

Air Series Noise Canceling Headset Features:

  • WEARING STYLE: Single Or Dual Ear
  • MIC POSITION: Left or Right
  • EARPIECE: Leatherette & Foam
  • WARRANTY: 2 Year
  • WEIGHT: 2.3oz


Coupled up with the DA202 Dial Pad, the Air Series headset makes a perfect home agent approved headset telephone.


DA202 Dial Pad Features:

  • Receiving volume control
  • Transmission volume control
  • Tone controller to adjust low and high sound
  • Mute switch for temporary call suspension
  • Last number redial
  • Flash
  • Repeat dial
  • Simultaneous call selection
  • Extension jack to the other desk phone and modem
  • Recording jack for external recorder
  • LED light in use
  • Mute switch (w/LED light)
  • Warranty: 3 Year



Air Series Home Agent Headset Telephone
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