Customer Question: “How do I set up your headset telephones?”

Just plug in our headset telephones and get talking!
Just plug in our headset telephones and get talking!

A recent Home Agent Headsets customer asked just how difficult it is to set up our headset telephone units. I assured them, it is as easy as can be.

All you need is an active POTS (plain old telephone line). We provide everything else you need to make and take telephone calls right away, with very little setup involved.

Simply plug the supplied 5-foot line cord into the phone outlet, plug the headset into the dial pad and you’re set to go. * If you have a longer cord and wish to use that, simply unplug the line cord that came with the unit and plug your cord into the same port.

You can check out the following videos for more information about setting up each of our telephone dial pads:



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You can work at home for these companies and more:

work at home
You can Work from Home!

When you call a company for help booking a hotel room, ordering flowers or inquiring about cell phone service, you might just be talking to a home based customer service agent. These days, many companies are figuring out that hiring professional help desk agents to work remotely from home just makes good business sense – they save money on overhead costs and, at the same time employ a happy, productive workforce.

Working from home is ideal for many, especially those that want to set their own hours and would like to skip the costs associated with a “traditional” office job. Home agents save money on office attire as well as commuting expenses. Most companies that employ home workers allow flexible schedules, full or part time, night or day. More and more professional telephone representatives are finding that working from home is the perfect job for them.

What does it take to get hired as a home agent? Usually, all that is needed is a quiet environment, a corded headset telephone and the willingness to provide exemplary customer service.

Locating legitimate companies that hire home agents is easier than you think. Here are a few we recommend:

Work for Arise
Work for Alpine Access/Sykes
 Work for BloomsToday Work for Convergys 
 Work for LanguageLine Solutions Work for LiveOps 
 Work for HSN Work for NexRep 
 Work for Teleperformance  Work for TeleTech
Working Solutions Headsets
 Work for West at Home  Work for Working Solutions

Once you land your dream WAH job, visit us to find exactly the right headset telephone equipment you need at