Customer Question: “Can I buy just a headset to use with my home phone?”

The headset telephone units I sell are designed to work perfectly together and provide everything you need, right out of the box, to make and take calls. Like peanut butter and jelly, they are just better together!

We do sell headsets without the telephone dial pad units however, our headset telephone units are designed to work perfectly together and provide everything you need, right out of the box, to make and take calls. If you would like to order just a headset to work with your existing telephone, we cannot guarantee compatibility. Every telephone is just a little bit different and compatibility can be an issue. It gets pretty complicated trying to plug a headset into an existing home phone and there’s a good chance the headset won’t work optimally.

Also, working for companies like Arise, LiveOps, West at Home… you are required to have a corded, noise canceling headset & a corded telephone with the ability to mute calls. The telephones I sell meet those requirements so you are totally ready to get to work.

You can see all of our headset-only choices here: click here.

The Eco Series headset telephones that I sell are budget friendly, perfect for the typical home office that makes and takes a few calls a day.
The Pro Series, Air Series & Flex Series headset telephones that I sell are professional, call center grade made to be worn all day long.

If you work from home, Everyday is Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

One of the things I love most about my business is that I don’t have to commute to do my job. Not only that, but with the products I sell, I get to help others do the same thing.

By working from home instead of commuting to a job center we:

  • Save gas
  • Save wear and tear on our cars
  • Consume less packaging for meals – no need to pack a lunch or eat out
  • Use a lower energy consumption rate than large office centers
  • Spend and consume less on wardrobe (no, I don’t always work in my PJ’s, but I think I might own one power suit compared to the corporate wardrobe I used to have:)

So bravo fellow work at home, telecommuting, environmentally green champions!

And Happy Earth Day to All!


Customer Question: “I need a USB headset for training. Do you sell USB headsets?”

Often time I’m asked about USB headsets. Many times companies require their agents to occasionally access training sessions via USB and are informed they will need a whole separate headset. I have an alternative that will allow you to buy just one headset and switch out the cord to work with both the telephone dial pad and a USB plug.

These work at home companies generally require a USB headset for training purposes:
Alpine Access
Arise Virtual Solutions
The Pro SeriesAir Series and Flex Series headset telephones that I sell come equipped with what’s call a Quick Disconnect feature allowing you to change out the bottom cord of the headset for the optional USB cord. You do not need a separate USB headset! Simply choose the option to add a USB cord to any of these units. * The Eco Series headset telephone units do NOT have the quick disconnect feature and cannot convert to a USB headset.

Work at Home Headset Telephones

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Check out these headset telephones for customer service agents who work at home for companies such as Arise, West at Home, Live Ops, Language Lines, SYKES, Alpine access and many more.cropped-homeagent.gif

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If you have any questions about these headset telephones please ask away. Thanks, Monica