Welcome to Home Agent Headsets!

PhotoWelcome! I’m Monica, WAHM and Blogger. I supply telephone headsets and accessories to fellow work at home moms and home agents. I have been working from home since 1998. I’ve done everything from legal transcription, medical billing, to web design and small business consultation. I’ve found that telephone headsets allow me to be more productive and have saved my neck from aches and pains.

When I first looked for a headset to use for my home business I had a difficult time finding a comfortable, affordable option and what I did find was either difficult to set up or of such inferior quality my customers could not hear me. This has been a common complaint amongst fellow work at home colleagues.  After years of trial and error my search for a great headset telephone finally paid off and now I have made it my business to supply comfortable, affordable, professional headset telephones to fellow work at home agents.

Visit my store http://www.HomeAgentHeadsets.com – enter coupon code “5off” at checkout to receive 5% off your first order!


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